On to the Disney Prep!

It was nice to get back in to swimming on Sunday 🙂 I swam around with Elijah as he sat in his little rubber ring. I love this time we have on a Sunday in the pool and am tempted to get a waterproof case for the old cybershot because if it leaks, well the old gal had a good run & we have Gareth’s camera now anyway 😉 I think that shall be another thing to add to my wunderlist. Then I can have some pretty shots and video for Oliver and Elijah to look over when they get older, and think that I’m the cool aunt for documenting such things 😀 And the case would come in handy for the trip (I shall be taking!) to the water parks. If only I can persuade Gareth on the day to go on crush’n’gusher with me!

On the positive side I shall be doing some more Disney planning with Gareth this weekend as we shall be home pretty much all the time. We will be doing the odd little bits like our ESTAs and APIs, looking at our itinery which still needs more work. Gareth is super upset that one of the tasters at the food and wine festival (the rib dish at France) is not on the menu! I have to admit I am quite sad too because it was gorgeous! It was a rib dish encased in mashed potato with red wine gravy. We had already said one day at Epcot we would have lunch in World Showcase and eat 2 or 3 of those dishes each! LOL
Fruit loops ^_^Good morning, breakfast :)

We shall be bringing home american food for sure! We already plan on bringing an extra suitcase home 😉 Gareth treated me to some froot loops for breakfast on Sunday and they were goooooood

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