Allergies strike again!

Gareth often jokes that I should stop falling apart. I hope you forgive my lack of blogging for the last few days but I am suffering a little because of my UC, I feel like I could sleep for a week, and so I decided to relax on the sofa and catch up on The Glee Project and Tia and Tamera (love those shows!) and try out my Red Leaf bath goodies which arrived! I was so excited! They are gorgeous!
Red leaf

I also had a tickle in my throat for the last month keeping me up at night and so I’ve not slept through the night until Thursday night. It seems my wonderful allergies (my perennial rhinitis) struck again and I’m back on the steroids, but in nasal spray form to get to the back of my throat to help with the irritation. I feel exhausted and my illnesses are starting to bring me down right now. My nan cheered me up with an old photo of myself from 1983. I wasn’t nicknamed punk rocker for nothing. I adore old photos!
Me as a baby

I sadly don’t get to have a nice weekend this weekend though, however I will not get into that, it’s purely for my hospital appointment and it includes fasting and lots of icky medicine and I shall say no more. I am however looking forward to Monday afternoon next week where I will get to sleep and have a perfect excuse for lazing on the sofa with my husband taking care of me as I shall have been sedated, and will not remember much and will be forbidden from everything that requires brain power and concentration from driving to cooking.

Did I mention I cannot wait for my holiday? I am looking forward to having a bit of fun and forgetting the stresses of home! It’s coming around fast and I am so excited! But still so much stuff to do!

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