Oh hello there summer

Whew! It's hot out there!

That was quite a nice surprise this week seeing as not that long ago they warned us the grey icky rainy days were with us until at least August 5th! It was super hot in my car, but I do think my temperature gauge was a little off, the temperature wasn’t that hot outside I am sure!


We had an ice cream van at work!


I got to stand outside and soak up the sun on a short break and play with hipstamatic (but of course!)


Wearing flip flops…


… and at the weekend I got to wear my new yellow summer dress. I don’t normally wear things like this, nor in this colour but I saw it and HAD to get it (and I got it in an electric blue colour too!)


I got to hang out with the best nephews in the world too! Me and Oli built sandcastles in his sandpit, and had some little flags to adorn them with.


And Elijah was a little grumpy and tearful wanting to be with his mum as my dad and my bro worked on their new bedrooms.

I only wished we had this weather more often!  And in other news, I have had my hospital appointment through for my tests to find out a bit more firmly what is wrong with me. Scared, but my fabulous support group have had me giggling and relaxing over their stories of their tests. I couldn’t wish for some better support. *waves* Hello guys! You are AWESOME. It’s funny that in this short week, they have become my extra little “family”.

And I’ve booked my Halloween and Christmas party tickets. Oh yeah! Nothing going to stop me from visiting Florida now, not going isn’t an option for us. Now to decide what to be for halloween… Alice in Wonderland or a CSI…?

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