U to the C

Wednesday afternoon my life & my future turned upside down. Believe it or not, though I am quite open in general to my friends & family, only my parents & my husband have known I’ve been a little bit poorly recently. And as it has been in the past I was given a diagnosis that didn’t quite make sense to me and I ended up going to the docs a few more times until they decide to investigate further to be on the safe side.
However, my first test the doctor could told me what he suspected, a month later I went to the doctors for my results and was just given medication and told I would need to go to the hospital to see a specialist. So I got there not knowing what on earth was going on. I got weighed (weight has been staying at a steady 126 for weeks now!) and then i got to see the consultant. I was still completely in the dark as I was told I would need one more test done & talking about “my condition”. I explained I had no idea what this supposed condition even was and that was when I got told I had suspected ulcerative colitis, and the test was to rule out crohns disease as they are both very similar but crohns is the worse of the two. To put it simply: my body is attacking healthy tissue in my intestine, and it’s not good. I will need medication for the rest of my life.


I was ushered out of the room with a nurse with an information pack and it just hit me. I cried! The nurse was super nice to me and put the request in for my test instead of me doing it so I could ring my mum, and the nurse gave me the advice of “whatever you do, don’t google it!” I was instructed to read the information pack, but I spent 20 tearful mins on the phone to my parents who were on their holiday, so I feel bad about quite possibly ruining their last couple of days because they will worry about me. Then I called my bro and went around to his house because Gareth wasn’t due home for a while & I knew my nephews would cheer me up (which they did, as Elijah was smiling and giggling at me and Oliver showed me all his toys and told me he was spelling my name in the bath with the letters)
I’m still getting my head around all the information and a lot of my plans for the future are up in the air. Even Florida plans are difficult right now as I need my next test to rule our crohns before they can put it on my policy as they need a firm diagnosis, and I need a letter to say I am fit for travel. Thank heavens for the fact we took the policy out April 2011 when we booked the holiday! I do not have much luck otherwise… Holiday with my parents I got sick and ended up in hospital with pneumonia the week before we were due to leave and couldn’t go as I was banned from flying for months. Florida for honeymoon? Had to have a polyp surgically removed in hospital weeks before we were due to fly. And now this. I’m sensing a pattern!

Still, at the weekend I made some cupcakes, but I need to start using proper butter as the stuff I have been using is spreadable butter and I can’t pipe it, merely just “dribble” it on! But I did pull out all the stops and I made donuts… But they took HOURS!


(Love the fact that instagram made it look good haha!!) Well it’s an evening of relaxing and more research on my condition. I’ve joined a group on Facebook and the people there are fabulous and so welcoming and not afraid to talk about everything, and they’ve made me feel a part of their group already. It’s a scary time for me right now, but I won’t let this disease bring me down!

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