Craig & Holly


On Saturday we had a great day at my cousin’s wedding 🙂 It was good to see family, and then quite a few people who I hadn’t seen in years!


Leanne, my other cousin and sister of the groom, looked fab!


We had a disposable camera on the table and I shot a few, mum shot some and my uncle snapped a few pics too. He grabbed me up on the dancefloor, and I have another shot of me and my other uncle (father of the groom) which I still need to take off the camera lol.


The tables looked stunning too. I was teased over the cupcakes, I ended up having 1 and a half, they were soooooo good!


And I love this one of nan! “Cheese!”


Leanne also got a rare photo of us together. I went a little bit hipstamatic nuts that day, and then I continued well past the weekend and into this week. I will share some of those snaps for next week 😉  I seriously need a new iPhone than my 3GS, and a hipstamatic case *drools* That’s my goal at the moment, I was going to wait until november to get a new phone but for the sake of my iphoneography, I am undecided :

I also want to apologise as people have been leaving comments via facebook but my dashboard widget wasn’t showing any, it was only by chance I clicked on a link back to facebook which showed a list of them! So I shall keep an eye on them that way, but thank you everyone I didn’t realise!

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