Row your boat!

Friday after work I had the nice treat of my “no sleep for banditos” members only EP from Hanson. Bit of “up all night” cranked up on the headphones was just what I needed after the return to work after a 4 day weekend!

No Sleep For Banditos

Saturday I had a bit of a surprise. Gareth and our friend matt in Florida both concocted a plan that involved me stood in the living room scratching my head wondering where on earth this noise was coming from only then to hear matt chuckling away to himself so I brought up his chat window when I realised what was going on. Lots of plans for our trip coming together though 🙂

Chatting to Florida

On Sunday it was up bright and early for swimming! It was just me, mum, Stewart, Claire, Oliver and Elijah. But we had lots of fun. Me and Oli sat on one of the floats they have in the pool with the noodles in each hand “rowing” in the pool both singing “row, row, row your boat”. I will have to make little “memory Journalling cards” to put in the boys albums so I can note such gems down 😉 cannot wait for this Sunday as my dad is coming too so I will get to see him on fathers day, and Gareth has been instructed to join in as well!

Mum in the pool

Getting ready for the pool!


And best off all? Tuesday I weighed in and was delighted to see 2 whole pounds lost this week! Plus the pound I lost the previous week even though I was convinced I had actually put it on, I am now back on track before my hiccup! 8 pound left to go!

2 pound loss

Weight over 3 months

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