Dance dance!

I am seriously loving Zumba Rush. I was umming & ahhing over whether to buy it or not, but as I was adamant I needed a new arm band for my iPhone for doing nike training club & hopefully going out for a jog, it just fell into my basket (I mean, how rude! Lol!) and I figured it would be a good thing for my “committing to get fit” plan.
I have been a dancer since I was 9. I look terrible doing it however, but I LOVE to do it, and while sometimes I do worry about what people think about some things, me prancing around like a lunatic isn’t one of them. Quite frankly I couldn’t give two hoots as to whether someone laughs at my lack of grace and skill because I just feel absolutely euphoric whilst I dance, and to me that’s all that matters. Zumba rush has some of my old dances like cha cha cha, and I am transported back to my saturday mornings as a teenager. Oh I miss those Saturday mornings!

So I thankfully lost that pound I gained, yippee! I’m back on track, and though things are a bit tough and emotional right now, the Zumba is certainly helping me to keep focused on getting into shape ready for Disney. I have now downloaded a new app “myfitnesspal” as it’s much easier to log foods & I was certainly pleased to see when you complete a day as to how long it’ll take you to reach a certain weight 🙂
10lb left to go!

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