Gained a pound

How on EARTH did I gain a POUND!?!?! Needless to say after last week staying the same this has now made me absolutely mortified. Though in MMEW form, I shall say “so that happened” and I’m getting back on it with more gusto!

I have realised my main drawback right now is working out. Once upon a time, I pretty much did something every single night/day be it gymnastics, dance, or karate/taekwondo/kickboxing. I was always active. I love dancing, granted I look very silly while I do it, completely awkward even (though I was pretty good at ballroom and latin – I have lots of medals and exam certificates to prove it!)  but I enjoy it all the same. I have took the plunge and bought 2 sports bras. Heck I paid £16 each for 1 white and 1 black bra, you better believe I’m going to use it, I don’t like to waste money! My provisional workout week will look like this: Monday: Zumba, Tuesday: Running if dry; nike training club or choice of workout if wet (now I don’t run and can’t run. This could be entertaining, but have signed up to rockmyrun because if I have to work out to Black Eyed Peas “I Gotta Feeling” one more time I might just give up entirely!) Thursday: Workout DVD. I have plenty. Saturday: Workout at my parents home gym in my old bedroom – see I have NO EXCUSES! Sunday: Rest/wii or kinect workout, depending on how the week goes and if hubby is attached to his game. I managed to “book” in Zumba on the kinect once a week 😉 . I work lates on Wednesday and Fridays so trying to fit in anything would be pushing it, besides I need “recovery” days. I can do this. I will do this.

So that’s the plan. I actually downloaded a timetable app to enable me to fit everything in. I have started by blocking time out for exercise, then I shall start by assigning my tasks time slots. I am even hoping to schedule some “scrapbooking” time in. Meg has been the best these last few months as I try and sort things out with my home life, and I look forward to being able to jump back into the creative team. I am doing my best to try and plan my personal work (yes including a weekly blog post!) and creative team duties alongside some me time, chores and time with the husband.

Poorly car
I’m pretty much used to my glasses now after 2 weeks. The longest I’ve ever had to adjust to new glasses! So if I can’t get anywhere with finding out what’s not quite right with them and trying to focus… I think I’ll manage. After all I managed with squinting at the tv trying to read the listings on it for long enough with my old glasses! And I’m starting to have enough of stressing over things as it’s always one thing after another. Vodafone said they’d waiver the early termination fee after they gave me a PAC code that expired before my contract did and couldn’t give me a new PAC that would cover me until the 23rd April. Then, joy of joys, my exhaust on my car starts rattling to the point even going over a pot hole would make me grab on to the steering wheel for dear life hoping that the exhaust wouldn’t fall off so I managed to squeeze it into my lunch break, as my only other option was Saturday morning… and I have another eye test on Saturday morning to make sure my prescription is correct, so I had no other choice but to squeeze it into lunch time as I literally can’t do it any other time. I honestly haven’t had a full lunch break to myself. I have been either racing home to fit in the extra laundry I had this week (might as well get it on the line while it’s nice!) ringing around Boots/Vodafone/Tesco etc sorting things out, getting my exhaust looked at or getting a new back box fitted to it. Tomorrow lunch time you better believe I am sitting on my ass reading my kindle which I’ve not even picked up since I managed to finish One Day a couple of weeks back 😉

It's summer in March!

It’s all a little overwhelming and I am in desperate need of a break… The Easter break can not come soon enough, and I am ever so grateful for those 4 days to catch up on some things that need to be done. I just hope we have glorious weather that weekend as we have had all this week! I can’t believe it’s been practically summer temperatures here in March! It seems a shame to be couped up in a freezing cold office  on the side that gets no sun 😉

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