Another week over

Homemade pizza

How is it Sunday afternoon? Why does the week go slow yet the weekend go super speedy? I have to admit, I’ve taken quite a few short cuts this week at home, and we have managed on a small budget for food. We made a beef casserole which made roughly 5 meals or so, and the best part was the pizza (above) made with a cheap pizza base packet mix (just add water!) and rolled out – just a quarter with chips was enough for us so we had yet another meal each from it. Score! This is something I have been trying to get through to Gareth when we cook meals, that we need leftovers, and once again Pinterest has come to our rescue, and we have a few blog studies to do 😉


I think I’ve also settled on my One Little Word for 2012…


I have a couple of Type classes coming up within the next week (exciting! Especially as they have a “scrapbooking” orientation to them) I have a creative writing class from OU downloaded on my iPhone from iTunes U, I have played with Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign so that I know my way around it to do very basic things (I used Illustrator to do my papers) but I’d love to do some learning at on them, and because I’m so out on webdesign as I was self taught back in 2001 and lost touch with it for a few years after I moved out of my parents. Not to mention learning coding at codeacademy 🙂 Later this year? I’d love to get the acoustic guitar out and learn to play a Hanson song or two!

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