December Daily

Day 6
“I have many fond memories of our fire at home during my childhood. Getting up in the mornings and racing Stewart for a prime spot next to the fire, in front of the TV, one sat behind the other.
But the most fondest of all was when dad used to push the sofa closer to the fire, so that to come in the front room you had to walk behind the sofa. Mum, Dad, Stewart & myself all used to sit on it together, watching TV.
While I remember the occasional Saturday night television in the winter, being cuddled up with my family, it also reminds me of Christmas.
I absolutely adored that time, all 4 of us together. I can recall that I’d often request the sofa being pushed forward because it was my favourite. A rare treat, and quality family time.
Cozy. Pure comfort”

Ok so I found a great new app (PicFrame) and had to use it to show you that I am indeed doing December Daily 😉 In fact there are days that I look at my page and I don’t like it, but the one above about fond memories of moving the sofa during the winter and the page I did yesterday I do like 🙂 Yesterdays is a random letter to santa:

My silhouette/robo has been doing me proud, though I need a new mat (and to temporarily put a new blade on so I can get my gift boxes done!)

December daily

I shall be enjoying a long weekend (Monday off work, a-woo-hoo!) and basking in my “up-togetherness” as I have just one or two presents left to make and then I’m done. Well apart from getting presents for Gareth which he just decided the other day that he wants otherwise I would have got it before now 😉

Really trying to be festive and in that Christmas mood. And to be in the moment and savour this time of year!

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