I was lucky enough to get to see Hanson in Birmingham last night. I had an absolutely FANTASTIC time!

Firstly a big Thank You to Chrissy & her bf’s dad for the lift to Birmingham and home again. If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t have made it there in the first place. I also met a local girl called Kerry, which was great news as I didn’t know there were any fans nearby. She lives the next town over from me 🙂 So there was the 3 of us fans in the car having a gossip all the way up!

They both had Meet & Greets (Which I luckily enough had back in April 2007) so they continued on to the pub while I met up with my friend who had a M&G with me 4 years ago, so it was good to catch up with her and I’m so thankful I have such a cool Hanson friend who I shared that experience with and we’ve become friends because of it.

Maiyu was 25th in the queue and I was number 28 so we hung out and luckily, look who we bumped into…

Isaac & Kirsty

I look awful, and very cold lol, but I was so grateful to Isaac for stopping & taking this picture. It was Gareth’s camera and I hadn’t actually got to play with it, so I pointed out to Gareth that a Hanson had used his camera and he told me we had to wash it *roll eyes*  Although my M&G was one of the BEST days of my life, I often think back over it and cringe as I often act up when I’m nervous and I made a complete tit of myself. So I felt I at least redeemed myself last night by seeing Isaac again.

I had the best time dancing and singing next Maiyu! And luckily after some playing with Gareth’s camera, I got the hang of it 😉





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