Craft overload!

Christmas mags

I have been devouring my magazines, had my first Red Cup yesterday (peppermint hot choc), and I have watched The Holiday and Four Christmases. My Hollyday papers are ordered for my December Daily, and Gareth has his Starbucks Christmas Blend. We are already in the swing of things!

I have been trying to come up with some frugal ideas, and seeing as my Sister in Law doesn’t know about my blog, I felt like sharing an idea I had for her gift…  I save random stuff, I have a bunch of Christmas gift bags ready to regift and I also have some cool boxes I got some presents in. One of which was from a friend from MANY years ago, who gave me a cute toiletry set in this gorgeous wooden box. Kept it ever since thinking I would use it one day. For my sister in law who likes to bake with her son, I shall be getting some cute cupcake liners (with a pretty design) some “emergency” packet mix (because she’s having a baby very close to Christmas!) and some sprinkles and hopefully some toppers if they fit in my budget.

And for my nephew oliver, it’s a tough one, but thankfully Disney has a Craft site in which I have been collecting colouring pages to make him his own personalised colouring book which I shall print and bind here at home.

I’m doing a lot of searching for printable style gifts. One of my favourite books/mags I have that I normally whip out at Xmas is 101 Hip Handmade Gifts. I have poured over that so much my copy is falling apart 🙂 They have free printables over at the Creating Keepsakes website.
And how freaking adorable is this! I want to make one for myself, I used to have a big bookcase in my room at home and ran my own little library (I would later become a librarian at my school, and I still have a big love for libraries!)


Ok, so I shall continue my search and post soon on my progress 🙂

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