Nearly Halloween

Halloween is fast approaching & I had every intention of carving a pumpkin & doing a paper model of the haunted mansion. Surprise, surprise… I haven’t.
It’s bittersweet as last year we were in Disney world. We don’t celebrate Halloween here & it’s sad. That’s why I wanted to do something this year. But I still have next weekend I suppose.
The flat still looks like a complete mess with rubbish strewn everywhere (this stresses me out to no end. No matter what I do to tidy up, it’s always a mess soon after) I cannot win.
My time is being taken up at work all week, then this weekend just gone I was ever hopeful of having time to do something. I sit here scratching my head trying to figure out, why I was so busy this weekend yet it appears I got nothing done? It’s a mystery. I had been desperately trying to get the laundry done & dry, I needed to cut the grass but I didn’t get that done, I did the washing up numerous times but the kitchen still has washing up piled high when I got up today and no counter space free.
I am beyond frustrated with it all. To be honest with the weather now cold, I want it to be nice & homely and spend time on the sofa for cuddles with Gareth, and watch tv. I guess I am ready for the nesting season! And I have been really thinking of Christmas. It is the year for my family, and our little nephew is due on 22nd December & I am so looking forward to it. We shared Oliver’s 1st Xmas & it’ll be cool this year as he will understand father Christmas 🙂 and to witness our new nephews 1st christmas will be so nice too 🙂

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