Trip reports

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Now regular readers may know about my passion for journals & memory keeping, and as this weekend just gone myself & Gareth were reading trip reports, thoroughly enjoying them…
… And this afternoon it struck me. My very first trip report in 1993 aged just 10 years old was in a cupboard tucked away in a “holiday folder” along with a few momentos (see, I’ve been at this since a very early age, and I have to admit as I’m older I am enternally grateful to my young self for doing this!)

I plan on getting this scanned to share with you all, and yes it’s in comic sans but I was only young so I hope you forgive me! On our home computer we had some creative writing software aimed for kids & I loved it and the only thing I could think of writing at the time was about my very first holiday abroad.

Trip repor

Then I see the awful quality photos in the back and want to cry, and save this piece of my history, so I’m debating whether to re-write the trip reports I have and putting them into PDF so I can keep them on my phone to read or a mini book in their own rights 🙂 My parents have the photos, but I can scan them in 🙂

And if you’re wondering where you can read these Disney Trip Reports, they are located on the forums of but you need to be a member to view them

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