That chill in the air

I think the reason I’m feeling a little restless lately is probably because there’s a bit of a chill in the air. Autumn is slowly on it’s way. But it’s august for pete’s sake! I’m most certainly a summer girl myself but it was probably the other year when I finally appreciated the beauty of autumn. All the back to school hype makes me happy with all the stationery & the prospect of getting some new trousers as I can fit it the kids clothes so I get them cheaper & think that, now I’m older, that this isn’t for the kids, it’s clearly for the adults lol. I only ever appreciated the back to school season when I was first going to college.

Anywho, this lunch time I decided on a treat! I walked on over to Sainsburys cafe, as working in a small office with no cafeteria has it’s draw backs. Most of the time I am quite content sitting in my car, but today I needed the hustle & bustle. Another reason I am not entirely sure of, but although I was sat alone, I wasn’t alone exactly and just having people around chatting made me feel a little more comforted.
Marie Claire mag & jacket potato for lunch. I love this atmosphere in a cafe #hipstamatic

It was certainly a treat to get a nice hot meal for lunch!

Quick read before I have to walk back to work

Closely followed by reading Marie Claire, a magazine I would never ever normally buy. I’m a simply homemade girl, anything creative & scrapbooking oriented, and maybe on occasion I do pick up a food magazine for the husband and have a quick flick through myself. But never ever a woman’s magazine.  Now, I’m starting to realise a few patterns here: Anne Hathaway is on the cover, the reason for buying it. I adore Anne, it started with Princess Diaries (irony being Hanson’s song was featured in the movie so I watched it for that reason and LOVED both films!) and I own quite a few of her films. One being: Devil Wears Prada. Can’t put my finger on why I like this film either. But I’m guessing it’s because it’s sort of Ugly Betty oriented and I have since become OBSESSED with watching Ugly Betty over again. And the swooning over New York. And the fawning over Gareth’s Next Catalogue (Yes. The Next catalogue is my husbands!) eyeing up clothes in it, which for me is quite unheard of because I’m not one for remotely caring what I look like or wear. But I know I need new clothes. I also heard about Anne’s new movie and apart from the Twilight films, I usually wait until a movie comes out on DVD, then I can either buy it (unlikely) or rent it (a little less unlikely) or wait for it to come out on TV one Christmas a few years later. But I want to go to the cinema and watch it. Husband goes to the cinema as much as he can, the last few months alone we’ve seen the new Transformers, Harry Potter and Thor to name but 3. This year for me, it’s Just Breaking Dawn & now One Day. Brain has been working over time lately, thinking over lots of stuff…

… And best of all, was looking out the view while I was doing it …


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