What I’ve been up to lately…

So I’ve been up to all sorts these past few weeks…

Happy Birthday Paige!

My work colleague Paige turned 18, so we all turned it into a HUGE deal at work 🙂 I made her that monstrosity of a cake. I thought I’d channel my inner Duff Goldman (Of Charm City Cakes/Ace of cakes) and figured I would make her a lovely cake, complete with edible glitter. Didn’t quite turn out the way I had hoped from the wonderous image I had in my head. Turns out cake decorating is blooming hard, and I need plenty more practise!

Ugly Betty on my iPhone

Completely back into Ugly Betty, and I have found a Youtube channel with ALL seasons on, so I am slowly making my way through them, and adoring Betty tons! Just love her!


The UK had riots… including our hometown. It was a crazy time, but peace seems to be somewhat restored.

Mood ring

While sorting through some bits and bobs, I found my old Mood ring. I had one that turned out to be a fake and never changed colours at all. Upset me hugely! Luckily my super dad bought me this one when I was younger, and now it just about fits on my ring finger (used to fit on my index finger back in the day!) I rarely wear it due to the whole “keep away from water” thing. As you can probably see my ring has a slight “flaw” which it was like that when I got it, but I love it anyway. I’m guessing that’s what the water does to it? I wouldn’t actually know, and I don’t particularly want to try neither! Anywho, I have been wearing this for a few days now and I’ve fallen in love with it all over again. I have bought myself a cheap one off ebay though, one that I’m not so scared of wearing and ruining (I mean, my dad bought me this ring, it was a lot of money back when he got it, and it means a heck of a lot to me, so much so that I’ve kept it safe in a box for years ) so I am excited about getting that one 🙂

car booting

I have even done 2 car boot sales. For those who are not familiar just what a car boot sale is exactly, people turn up to a big field as organised by a group (today’s was at a school, the previous one was at a race course), you park up put out some tables, put your stuff on it after paying an entrance fee, people turn up to buy your stuff. We spent hours sat in the boot of my dad’s car LOL, and today mum nearly fell asleep in it. It wasn’t remotely as brutal as the one we did 2 weeks ago at the Racecourse. Good Grief. We were there and set up, selling by 5.45AM. Yes, freaking AM! Yard sales isn’t something we do here in the UK, but I think if you lived on a main road, and had a decent front garden (both of which we lack, but would be good to do at my parents house!) it’s something I think we should do!

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