iPhone Love

I cannot tell you how much I absolutely ADORE my iPhone. This thing has my entire life on it. To be honest I wasn’t all that interested in smartphones, as far as I was concerned as long as I could text and ring on it, what was the point in everything else.

Now I wonder how on earth I got by without it. I keep my to do list on it, shopping list, calendar reminders, my e-mails, and every little idea gets put in the notes. My lunch times are filled with reading, listening to podcasts, pinning on pinterest and so much more. I love it.

So I thought I would share with you all my favourite apps:

life apps

Relaxing sounds:  I have an old sound machine in my bedroom that I’ve had for years, and while I love it, I can’t have it going if my husband is in bed, so I found the Nature sounds (lite, so free) and I set the timer on it so I can fall asleep listening to waves wash up on the shore. It has some cool relaxing tunes as well which would be nice for a bit of meditation.

Ace Budget: Just fantastic. I have kept a budget forever, though most of the time it’s done by memory, and well my memory is awful. Though I’ve always managed before, this has helped beyond measure. For a while I had just expenses noted, but this month I have added income too, to make things easier to keep track of what’s in my bank account while on the go. It isn’t linked to your bank account, you just put your budget in, put in when you spend something, and it’s as simple as that.

P Tracker: An obvious app if you’re a girl. Enough said, but I wouldn’t be without mine after some health issues back last year and the inevitable questions from the doctor, and all I could answer was: “I don’t know”. Now I am tracking and it’ll be even handier for the time when I think about kids.

document apps

Day One: As much as I’ve loved my journal, I cannot carry it around with me all the time. Now, my journal is in my pocket 🙂

Instagram: Taking cute pictures & sharing them with friends. I adore this app and I love seeing everyone else’s photos.

Momento: This app is so cool, it takes all your feeds and pull them together, and you can add “memories” to it too. I figured this would be handy for my scrapbooking as I can go back to particular days and see pictures & notes from that day.

Hipstamatic: Very similar to Instagram, I used to have this on Gareth’s original iPhone and have started using it again 🙂

health apps

Nike  Training Club: It’s free! I have every intention of getting around to doing a workout, but I think the whole concept is amazing. I WILL unlock Lea Michelle’s workout!

Nike +: They were giving this away free for a couple of days so I had to grab it. I will use it, honestly I will. But again, I love the concept of playing virtual tag etc.

LYRFREE: This I have used numerous times, mainly for walking though. When I go out during a lunch break I have put this on to see how far I’ve walked, how many steps, and how long it’s taken me and it also works for runs and bike rides too.

Waterlogged: I have used this, then I stopped but I know I should use it more. A great no frills way of tracking your water in take for the day. I know I really should drink more!

Calorie Count: Another awesome free ap, and another one of my good intention, which I will get around to using again. A great way to keep a track of what you eat on the go.

book apps

Kindle: Kindle! Enough said 🙂

iBooks: While I refused to download this for ages because I had the kindle, so why on earth would I need another book reader, I caved in and downloaded it anyway. Luckily while reading up on the iPhone user guide within iBooks, I realised you could view PDFs: and I had eBooks and eMags. Then began my love affair of magcloud.com and Ella Books on this app.

social apps

Get Glue: A friend of mine posted about a sticker she got, and then I was hooked. When I watch programs I check in as I would with foursquare and facebook, and I can earn real stickers.

Pinterest: Pinterest on my phone. Love. need I say more?

Magic Piano: I was a bit dubious of this to begin with. But it was free, and free is the best price to try something out. Now I LOVE it, and Gareth gets driven up the wall with me trying to play “under the sea” and “Zip A Dee Do Dah” badly on the piano. But practise makes perfect!

Labelbox: A cute little app to add labels to your photos 🙂


And that’s all my favourite main ones worth checking out, except for the obvious ones of course.

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