My childhood friend Laurie got married on 1st July, and I was so honoured to be a part of the secret, as she got married in private. More of the story & more piccies are over at the Photo Blog 🙂

editedOriginal Out of Camera

One of the things I enjoy apart from taking the photos is making them all purty 😉 Editing is one thing that takes ages to do, but it’s just another process of taking photos and I love it when the photo looks far better than Straight Out Of Camera, though I have been known to skip that process altogether LOL. I had to edit some of the foundation and then I whitened teeth as part of a joke with the happy bride and groom.

I have been doing lots of little bits & pieces, I have reorganised my Flickr so I now have better Sets & Collections and I’m hoping to learn both InDesign & Illustrator. I haven’t designed any digital scrapbooking stuff in so long (I may in fact re-release some freebies etc that I have given out in the past if you my lovely readers are interested) and one of the things I would like to design would be a Hanson kit for my Hanson Page.

And best of all, after a good 2 months of nagging, I finally got the help to get the stuff up in the attic! Hurrah! However, it’s so frigging crammed up there now & we were hoping to get a car boot sale done sometime soon, so we need to have a good sort out up there and sell at least 3/4 of it!



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