Disney bug

Ah beloved blog, you have been (unsurprisingly) neglected. Again. My time of late has been taken up with dibbing, YouTube videos of Disney and writing our trip report all these months later. I suppose it all started when I decided to finally do the video of our honeymoon which triggered off a Disney obsession with me & Gareth once again, but it has been nice to escape, and have just put a few things on the back burner so that I can sit and chill. We had to make some important life decisions a couple of weeks ago when the fanatical-ness started, (as if we were to go back there we can hardly start a family anytime soon!). We had spent the last 6 months in a slump as we came home from Florida as we had such an amazing time, it was sad to come back home, and even more upsetting when we worked out how much a month we’d need to save a month to go back and we just couldn’t do it.

It’s been pretty tough around here of late, more letters with regards to his dad, never ending clutter that now matter how much I tidy up it becomes awfully messy again, and the trip to Ikea we so desperately needed, the main computer playing up so badly even with all the money I paid out to get it fixed I swore blind I was not spending another penny on it (simply because we literally can’t anyway!) My whole weight loss journey (with just 5lb left to go) has had to take a back seat. Our camcorder needs to be sent back in for repair once again. My allergies have been keeping me awake at night: yesterday morning I was awake at 2.50am. Gareth’s car needs the exhaust checking. It’s never ending.

Today I need to be super crafty: I have about 8 card to make, though today I have to make at least 3 of them and do the others through the week.  I started cleaning the kitchen and need to finish that today, as I was so tired I had to nap yesterday so tidying  had to be postponed, and I need to desperately clear a path in the bedroom, it’s like a dangerous obstacle course in there.

Life truly likes to test us to breaking point.

One thought on “Disney bug

  1. Bryan keeps saying he wants to go back to Disney again 😀 For the first time in my life, I feel kinda Disney-d out. I think going twice in one year and being completely bored the last couple days of our last trip… Maybe once the fantasy land expansion opens.

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