Getting up early to do a workout is not fun. I do not function very well before 7am it seems. But the husband has his fascination with his own game for now which means either I get up before him & work out on the xbox or I don’t get to do it at all. Though I do go out for walks during lunch break as long as it’s not raining!

Calorie count


I have been doing really well as you can see. For how long, who knows! But I have been tracking my food with Calorie Count (It’s free!) and my weight via wii fit & doing some fun games on it, & working out on the kinect (xbox) I am especially in love with Zumba!


I don’t know if this is good or not (I’m guessing the fact it’s given me “zumba instructor” as my ranking must be good!), it seems to not pick up my moves very well. I started ballroom & latin when I was 9, so I know a thing or two but this only seems to pick up moves every so often which is frustrating, but I do it because it’s a fun workout. I jumped straight to “medium” difficulty and the “intermediate” class! Never one to go for easy 🙂

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