Health kick

Fat free yogurt, raspberries & granola

I seriously eat way too much rubbish. I’ve been a member of Calorie Count for quite some time, but now I have an iPhone I can track things on the go which is helping me (I shall do a post with my apps in at a later date ) I love how it’s free & it tells me if I’m too low on vitamins or too high on fats etc. Yes, I’m back on my “I’m going to shift the extra poundage I put on since being with my husband” kick lol. I’m seriously hoping I stick to it this time & don’t have 1 bad day and claim the world has ended and give up. It was Calorie Count that has made me realise that I’m not getting the good things I need, and all the bad stuff I have too much of, and things need to change. Though hubby does make it difficult!
I can be a bit of a drama queen at times.
Though if you’re looking for inspiration, I’d go look at Cathy’s “move more, eat less” series on her blog.

I’m also on PINTEREST if you want to have a nose at some images that make me happy, and I have an inspiring “health & wellbeing” board 🙂 If you want to sign up too, leave me a comment and I shall send you an invite instead of having to wait months after putting a request in.

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