Getting my craft on

Ben cardBen card

I think my other brother in law, James, may start getting jealous, but once again my darling husband forget to get a card for Ben’s birthday, so I made one. I don’t have a photo of the one I did last year, which I’m sad about because I was so chuffed with it! I’m thinking I really should make a bunch of cards and stash them away for the next time 😉

I am a bit of a loss today though because my nan is on her holiday so I’m not going to her house today. Though the weather is positively sunny outside & I received a phone call from my brother to say he’s doing a BBQ today as a test run for summer. I shall be snapping some photos for some scrapbook pages 🙂

Paperarts are having my friend Rachel teach a class, and I’m super excited about the prospect of going. I still need to get off my bum & book my seat though! I have not been to a crop in years, & I just love Rachel’s style 🙂

I’ve also done my 2000th tweet today. I’ve always said for someone who talks as much as I do, that’s really quite pitiful LOL! And for the new theme I’ve done… Loving the lime green. Thinking the header should be grey/white though. Will work on it.

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