Such bad luck

 Rescue remedy

Wednesday last week it was my birthday, and I spent it at home, curled up on the sofa watching “eat, pray, love” as I was signed off sick from work. It seemed that everything just had taken its toll on me where I just could not function any longer. I ended up at the doctors, a sobbing mess and was signed off for a week. To help myself cope with things a little better until I get to chat with someone I am looking into meditation & am using Rescue Remedy, something that I felt helped me greatly through my GCSEs and for my driving test.

Oliver picture

I had this pretty picture for my birthday though, from my fantastic nephew Oliver 🙂 I cannot say how immensely this cheered me up.

But to make things a little worse yesterday and prompted me to get the Rescue Remedy as soon as possible was that while downloading twitter on my blackberry, an error message came up which I thought was something simple but luckily my super husband suggested we take it to the store where they checked it and gave a grim diagnoses. It was just not worth the expense of the repair as they could not find the phone on the system to get it repaired though we were their customers, but as no record of the phone meant no free repair, and that meant it was going to cost more to repair than it was worth.

That meant I was without a phone and I felt like I was missing a limb. Cue panic attack and a prompt stop at boots.

To cut a long & complicated story short, I have my iPhone which is mine and I pay for every month anyway, and hubby managed to get out of his contract and has the new iPhone 4. I am in love. The apps have just made my life so much better already. The blackberry though not bad just didn’t cut it for me. The couple of apps I did buy just weeks ago (sob!) were expensive & though weren’t bad, just the number of apps and what were available were pitiful. I’d never get another one for sure.

So I am going to go off and enjoy my Sunday and continue to peruse the app store for more gems to make my life better and take a few drops of rescue remedy before looking into meditation some more 🙂

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