The kitchen cupboard

Now this might not look like a big deal to you, but from what it ACTUALLY looked like, it’s heavenly:
Food cupboard

I want some of these (once I get around to measuring) as the cupboard thing just isn’t working for us, we can’t see things in the back of the cupboard so something like this would be just what we need:


Minus the mechanism which we don’t need, just the basket thank you 🙂  We have also started menu planning and having home cooked meals, so all is coming together!

One thought on “The kitchen cupboard

  1. our kitchen came with an amazing pantry thing with little shelves that slide out. It’s awesome, except when stuff falls down when you’re sliding it out. We usually eat the stuff we buy pretty quickly, so we don’t really accumulate a lot of food in the pantry or fridge. The freezer’s usually pretty crowded. I like to stock up on frozen fruit and veggies.

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