Getting Organised

My Martha folder

I think it was purely coincidental. I still don’t quite know how I managed to stumble upon a few sites which have just given me a new outlook on this year. I was convinced long ago that 2011 was going to be a write off, but during my usual blog reading I came across a few blogs which have given me renewed hope that I can turn things around; my husband suffers with depression (and the fact it’s his dad’s funeral tomorrow is taking its toll). On his bad days even getting him out of bed and dressed is a huge undertaking in itself. I need to get him motivated, I need to change our routine, the way we go from day to day. I need to change our lifestyles to better suit us. I need a change, and I need a better life for us both than how we’ve been trying to cope with how things are.

My “household folder” above, is still a work in progress, but for a while I’ve been on the right track. I was nearly there. Now that makes me feel proud that I did that all by myself *pats self on back* but if you want to join me on this journey, I would check out this Organized Home: Printable sheets for your Household Notebook. I can clearly see I need to add a few more tabs to my own folder LOL.

And as I have some time to spare I shall list some of these amazing Links I have found:
          One of the first links I stumbled upon, and has given me the urge to sort through everything. I cannot get into our attic for all the junk that’s in there and I have been saying for the last couple of years that we need to do a carboot sale. This site has given me that motivation to get to it. So far I have been tackling things a little at a time.  The “unclutter your life in one week” video series by tasra Mar is worth the watch: I have finally figured a system to organising my small and overflowing food cupboard by watching this (a future blog post once I finally get it done!)
          Just. Wow. This site is a HUGE inspiration, with things in life from Finances, Organising, Food, Productivity, and even blogging (I have gone through this category already! LOL) this site covers all the aspects in life that you could really use the hints and tips for. I have literally sat and spent HOURS pouring over the content and just feeling so much more positive on things.
         Though I’m not going for a completely minimalist approach, the “Living in the land of enough” posts were very interesting reading, and made me think. I especially love the idea of “Project 333” too. I have far too many items of clothing, and I can easily say there’s a lot of it that I’ve not worn in a long time too. This is something I’d like to do, especially as space in our 1 bedroom council flat is very limited.

So that’s all for now, I will catch up with you all soon.

2 thoughts on “Getting Organised

  1. I hate cleaning, but I love organizing. Our house is always a mess, but I can spend hours going through my closet deciding where everything goes, lol. I’ve been trying to clean every day when I get home from work. I feel like if the house is cleaner, I’ll feel less anxious.

    I hope decluttering helps ya

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