Life doesn’t go to plan

I know what you’re all thinking: “I know you. I think I know you. Didn’t you say you’d blog more…?” If you’re reading this in a rss feed reader and I’ve just popped up…

I’m sorry.

I have already decided I’m having a New Year do over. Come 1st February I am starting 2011 over again, as both myself and my very strong, trying his best to keep it all together husband, have just had a bad start to the year.

His father passed away on the 10th of January. We were thankful we got to go to Cardiff on Christmas Day and spend his last Christmas with him. We still have his Christmas card to us sat on the fire place as he wrote in it (something that was hard for him to do) We were thankful we got to Cardiff on the Saturday 8th and saw him while he was awake. We left the hospital and carried on with Gareth’s youngest brother (just 16), and got home late that night. I was tired and headed to bed. We had a phone call to head for the hospital after midnight, so gareth had to get me up out of bed, so there I was in the car, half asleep and in my PJs. We were back and forth from his mother’s home to the hospital, before heading back home Sunday night as I had work Monday morning and not a whole lot of sleep over the weekend. We got a call at around 1.45am Monday morning to say he had gone. It was then manic as I had to call work and book emergency holiday for that week, cancel dentist for Gareth, he had to ring his own work… and this is why I have been missing in action.

of course because of all the snow and the Christmas shut down there is a back log of people to bury (that sounds so harsh) and so we’ve not had the funeral yet. Then there are the numerous other things that need to be sorted out and problems we have encountered.

Generally 2011 is not our year.

I do have some blog post ideas lined up. We shall be back to Cardiff for a few days for the funeral, so please bear with me. We plan to be back on track as soon as possible, but even so we’ve learned that things do not go to plan!

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