New Year

New years day

We’ve been without internet for about a week, it’s been insane. Turns out it was the modem, but just mere hours ago our provider finally came out and sorted the problem out and we’re back online.  This was the scene at my parents house on New year’s day. Happens once a year, and as we never really spend Xmas together we have our Christmas dinner on New Year’s day.

I’ve not had the best of breaks either. I got NOTHING that I wanted to get done, I’ve been very sick and averaging just a few hours sleep a night. I’m now on sleeping tablets, I’m on cold & flu capsules, strepsils and cough syrup. I was meaning to get the Christmas Decorations down today but I’m lacking the energy and I’m too tired to want to do it. Best of all, it’s back to work tomorrow.

2011 is not going to be my year, that is clear.

I’m rooting for 2o12 myself, so please forgive my lack of enthusiasm for the New Year.  I got the book “Baking Magic” from gareth for christmas and I have the urge to bake up some goodness, and there are still lots of festive food around that needs to be eaten up, so to cure my New Year, “I’ve got to go back to work after a week off” blues, I will start my goals come end of January.

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