That dreaded snow

Snow dec 2010

It’s a repeat of January. I have already packed up a back pack ready for a long trek to work in the morning. Though instead of having to walk the full distance, I will still have to catch the bus and it’s not doing the full route. The closest main road to us is just a sheet of ice and so many cars have been sliding all over, so first thing in the morning I will need to try and find out where the last stop is for the bus and walk there. Catch the bus into town, and then walk a further 1.4 miles to get to work. Beats walking the full 4 miles though. I tried walking the 3.6 miles to our old building back in January before we moved and that was hard enough, and so it seems I shall be catching the 6.57am bus (well, I say that time, but who knows really with the weather??)  and Gareth shall be catching the bus too but then catching the train as he works in a nearby town.  There is no way I can get out of the cul de sac, and even if I did, I would then be skating on the little road off it, and then skidding across the main road after that, and it’s just not worth it. Though it’s going to cost Gareth a good £7 or more to get to work tomorrow, and that’s a bit of a bitch, even knowing I will be leaving so early I won’t be able to get a return ticket, and even then if it goes on alllll week, maybe I should by myself a week’s bus ticket? Gosh and with my late shifts too, I’ll be getting home very late indeed, but that extra time I do the cleaning I suppose will be a contribution towards the bus fare. Won’t cover it at all, but it’ll contribute.

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