Sewing practise

OK, another it’s-bedtime-but-I’ll-update-quick post. At the weekend, not that I didn’t have enough to do as it was, I decided that I was going to make Rae’s Spring Ruffle Top. Minus the ruffles, of course.

Spring ruffle top

I have to say, I struggled to follow the instructions. I didn’t get the strap instructions at all, and ended up doing them my own way. Took a lot of adjusting after Gareth saying it was too “puffy” (Still too puffy, apparently, but it’s comfy and those spare tyres don’t show when I sit down, so that was an immediate win for me!) There’s just something about walking around wearing a top that you made with your matching bag even though you’re actually only walking down the road to your parents house. But still, I loved it!

In my absolute madness I have decided that as I’ve done that, I totally want to make a dress using the same pattern, so fingers crossed that this weekend I can at least make a start by cutting up the bedsheet I plan to use.

I also am putting it out there that I intend to lose a little weight. Coming from someone who has, for her entire life, been in great shape… well I’ve sort of let myself go a little. And it gets me down that I can’t wear those cute little tops anymore, and that a large chunk of my wardrobe no longer fits me. Now I’m not going to do a Cathy, and take pictures and put them out there… I just have to look in the mirror and feel completely embarrassed and feel sad that I no longer have my cute little figure. That said I am no way overweight, and I can guarantee I am doing this right. I have an account at Calorie Count, which I totally think is an awesome resource… and best of all it’s freeeeee! It even pointed out to me that I am low on things such as Potassium (this is just general life for me), and calcium. So I know I really should be getting a little more of that in my diet.  I hope to fit in a bit of Yoga on the Wii Fit, and I am determined that I absolutely will complete that darn 30 day challenge that has gotten the better of me/life got in the way of a few times now.

So, here’s to hoping that I manage to do all these wonderful things 🙂 I will do my best to keep you updated.

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