Quilt & Disney journal

It’s almost bedtime so I’m going to be quick. Life is just so crazy you wouldn’t believe. Lots of family stuff is just taking over things, the other weekend we spent visiting my Father-in-law in hospital and the weekend before we were visiting him for Fathers day.

I really do mean to blog more, and I hope that I can do it more often than every month and a half!

For one, I never posted a picture of the finished quilt I made, and I was so incredibly chuffed at my hard work!
Front of quilt

Back of quilt

Handmade with love

My current project (apart from trying to squeeze in sewing my very first item of clothing when I can!) is my “travel” binder which I made back last year:
Travel binder
Now you will have to excuse the poor quality Blackberry photos on these ones:

I bought some Moleskines. I just ADORE these books. Including these 3, I have a total of 5 now LOL!
I made a little pocket so I can slot the back of the book into it and have it in my binder.
The binder pocket for my moleskine
Moleskine in my binder
and for the Moleskine which will be my travel journal, I made a cute title with my Craft Robo/Silhouette and some stickles.
Disney title

I will be making some custom page protectors to fit in the binder to collect ephemera on our travels 🙂 I’ll do that when I have the sewing machine out… when I get around to it LOL!

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