A week in the life

Many MANY years ago, on Dodo’s message board (which is no longer around) and we used to do this thing called “Daily Grind” project. You can still view mine right here: http://www.kirstybase.com/photolog/  It went on for 5 wonderful years and I have my life captured from such a long time ago 🙂 People from all over the world shared their stories and photos and it was just a great experience and a peek in to other cultures.

Being a scrapbooker I decided to put them into an album, just plain and simple like I did on my photolog. I came up with a sketch and had matching KI Memories stuff from a few Christmasses previous and put it in an album (also matching KI Memories lol)  Now it’s not amazing to look at, but the story is there, and that’s all that matters 🙂

Daily Grind album

Ali’s Basics post is here: http://www.aliedwards.com/2010/04/the-basics-of-documenting-a-week-in-your-life.html I love her design for her album and how it looks, so I think I may just scraplift it!

I’m currently fixing my computer, hope it works soon!

One thought on “A week in the life

  1. Love your blog. I bet the daily grind challenge was fab to do. Im also doing Ali Edwards a week in the life of and Im finding it great.

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