My Colorado has arrived!

Super DUPER excited, my Garmin Colorado arrived on Friday by courier. Super service, I bought it from a merchant on Amazon and it was super speedy and wonderful service!  I have loaded it up with quite a few geocaches, and the reason I purchased the Colorado was because it has Wherigo capabilities, so I’ve loaded it with a few Wherigo cartridges as well 🙂

I went to my nan’s as I do every Saturday and I had my little helper Morgan with me, and there is a cache right around the corner from my nan’s house which I have found before to make it easier, so with GPS in hand we set out to test it out 🙂

Garmin Colorado

We luckily timed our outing just right as on the way back it started to rain. I managed to avoid the rain twice – testing the GPS then walking from my parents to my place LOL! But sadly it’s been raining heavy since and I haven’t been able to go out and find a cache yet, nor play Wherigo.  I have some rechargable batteries, which I know are more expensive but I like knowing I have batteries on hand if need be, and it’s a good job because my Colorado gobbled up the fresh batteries I put in so I took them out, recharged and put them back in… So I will have to make sure I have several batteries on hand!  But in comparison to the iPhone which we used before, we had no way of charging it up on the go, at least if you have batteries on you when the others are used up you can change it and keep going!

Hurry up Spring!

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