How to unwind

I spent this morning working on my wedding invites, I was literally sat in the bedroom with the sewing machine and silver thread sewing on my invites. It seems I don’t like to do things easily!  My geocaching book arrived today so once I had done that I sat and read it for a bit.

This then got me thinking about some stuff to put in caches when I next go. I don’t have anything really on hand and I have some silver fimo I’ve not used in a long time and I got to making some pendants/charms/zipper pulls (whatever they’ll be used for lol!) In my log reading experience it’s mainly guys and their kids who geocache that I’ve seen (not saying that’s all who does it, I mean look at me exhibit A!)  so why not take something back home for mummy/wife/girlfriend LOL!


And then while uploading the image, I realise I hadn’t uploaded the photo of my 2009 xmas ornament. What a donut! It’s a bottle cap with diamond glaze 🙂

2009 xmas ornament

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