More Caching

I haven’t been Geocaching in a while. I really do love it loads though 🙂  We used to use the iPhone app, and it was absolutely AWESOME. But the iPhone had to go back and we had no GPS, and I’ve been itching to get back into Geocaching again. I’ve looked at getting a GPS for the spring, so I’m looking forward to that… But there was a cache just down the road from where I worked and we were moving offices today… so I just HAD to log it!  I went on Google Earth and got a good idea of roughly where it was, and on my lunch on Tuesday I found the “Bridge in the gap” geocache 🙂

"Bridge in the gap" cache

I had a feeling it was a Nano, but I was so glad it was a micro instead, made it that much easier to find without the GPS!
Signing the log

And as it was also my birthday on Tuesday (27 years old. I’ve lost a decade somewhere…) I had treated myself to this geocoin!
My geocoin

I’m not tracking it, I’m keeping it 😀 But I am looking into a couple of tracking Bugs. I spent over an hour just sat adding things to my wishlist at a Geocaching shop lol! I do hope to do a cache of my own over the summer too, so I will keep you all updated on that 😉

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