Been shopping and Pogo information

Bringing shopping home

Nope, still can’t move my car, so it was up to Morrisons (where people were battling for parking spaces and the “parent and toddler” spaces were up for grabs by anyone who could get it one. Inside was not much fun either – I wished I had got some video footage but it was pure madness and I just wanted to get out of there! Once we were done, we loaded up the sledge so I could bring it home.

Now on to Journal/Pogo stuff 🙂  {click on Read rest of entry}

My Pogo 

It is purely a “fun” printer – don’t expect amazing prints as you will be disappointed! I do love mine though, as the photo paper has a sticky back so I can put it straight into my journal without worrying, and it’s small enough that I can put it in my bag and take it with me.

Prints aren't that great

I’ve found on my Pogo I do get a lot of lines of my prints – it is easily resolved by taking all the sheets out, turning it upside and running a blank print through (I have a small logo on my mobile phone that I use for this purpose, as it’s a small file size it doesn’t take long to bluetooth to the pogo) But it does sadly mean that you’ve lost a sheet. But as it’s only for my journal, I’m not overly bothered about the lines, although for my xmas mini book I did have to reprint a few pictures.


This one didn’t come out too bad 🙂 my only annoyance is that you can’t see the coloured sections very well, this does make it look like I’m very close to being in the “overweight” section, but I’m not lol.

Using templates

I picked up some “tattered angels – Glimmer mist” at my local scrapbook store. along with a Crafter’s workshop template “peony”. I decided to jump straight and play with it in my journal to test it out.

 "fitness" page

and then I journalled on it and put my photos on the page.

Goals 2010

You can see the “glimmer” pretty well on this one 🙂 My goals for 2010


Got over excited with the pogo and was taking photos…


… and printing random ones from my phone lol!

Using templates

and using the Crafter’s workshop template again I did this little thing behind my photo. I’m certainly going to pick up a few more of those templates, they fit nicely in the back of my journal bag with my pen, pencils and crayons.

Shiney apple!

And to start on my 2010 goals, I went on to iTunes and found “iTunes U” so I’m learning Spanish and to play the guitar – all for free. It’s a fab idea 🙂 and as I got an iTunes card from Gaz at xmas and so I punched the foiled Apple logo so I could make a note of my new lessons!

One thought on “Been shopping and Pogo information

  1. The pogo pictures look awesome! I don’t journal as much as I used to, but I love the idea of having quick little pictures to stick in a journal because that would be a lot of fun to look at in the future looking back.
    I’ve been wondering what iTunes U is. I could use some Spanish lessons, seeing as after 3 semesters of it in college I still can’t speak it! I’ll have to check that out!

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