Me no likey snow no more!

View from work window

This was the view from my window at work when it started snowing on Tuesday. I was excited, I loved snow 🙂

Getting to work

This was me and Gareth walking to get to work (Pictures taken on my mobile phone). Gareth had to walk a distance to get the bus as it wasn’t doing the full route as our end of the bus route is pretty trecherous, then catch the train to work, and today was his first day back since beng sent home at 2pm on Tuesday and taking 3 hours to get home when it only takes him 20 mins in general.  That pic is of the little back road that our Cul-De-Sac joins on to. That is just a big sheet of ice – not very many cars are getting up this way! In fact a young girl got stuck and it took a couple of us to try and get her moving again and it wasn’t easy!

I, on the other hand, stupidly thought I could walk to work. It’s 3.3 miles and on a good day will take just over an hour. I got so far walking and the paths were so icey I nearly slipped several times. I wanted to cry, turn around and go home. But one thing kept me going: Everyone was soooo friendly. Nearly every single person I walked past wished me a Good Morning. Everyone is pitching in helping each other, and giving way etc. I was approaching a very slippy crossing (which I had no right of way) and I turned to see a big truck heading towards me, not wanting to take the chance I waited but the guy stopped and ushered me across.

I got about 2.5 ish miles when I was really lagging and a work colleague spotted me and picked me up. Much to my relief – only to then realise I had the walk home, but she took me to the nearest clear main road, so I had only a short walk.

Today I ache in places I had forgotten about.

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