Hobbycraft junkie

LOL, I think I may need help. While I’m also having fun bookbinding currently, and coming up with some ideas for handmade presents for certain people, I really REALLY want to have a go at a Christmas quilt. I don’t know, something about the idea of snuggling down on the sofa watching TV, and reaching to the back of the sofa where a handmade patchwork quilt is laying and wrapping it around me is… well… lush lol.

So I do think I’m going to take my Aunt’s £5 off when you spend over £25 voucher will be put to good use by buying Christmas fat quarters, batting and some backing fabric 🙂  It all started on Sunday after I decided my current journal needed a nice bag to go in. With a pocket for emphemera and pens and coloured pencils lol. So I eyeballed the whole project and my sewing machine was playing up but even after I finished that attrocity (but it does the job and I made it myself) I held it in my hand and with the stuff I put in between the lining and outer to reinforce it, it feels like a thin quilt and I was like: “HEY! That’s a good idea…”

Also, I purchased my New Moon ticket for Friday 20th as I have booked the day off work, and as much as I would have loved to have caught the midnight viewing, it is just physically impossible for me to stay up late and as much as I love New Moon I just don’t think I could do it, so I’m going to the second viewing instead which is around midday. Awesomeness 🙂  I have my veil, borrowed from my cousin Sarah and disco is all booked for the wedding. I’m on a roll!

One thought on “Hobbycraft junkie

  1. Hi Kirsty – Thanks for your comment on my blog :o)

    I love your blog by the way, I’ve just had a goood nosey through & added you to my faves!

    I hope your quilting adventures go ok too – I’m still not convinced I can actually do it yet!!!!!!!

    Lots of love,

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