My Thursday

Mon-Wed blog posts were done on Sunday, and I had the week off work and I had all these awesome plans – one of which was that I was going to have some freebies. I will post them eventually. But this is how my week has shaped up:
Monday: Dentist am. Quick check, said I needed to go back for clean and polish. Book next appointment for Wednesday morning. Spend all afternoon with my dad working on something for mum.

Tuesday: Doctors am, goes ok although Gareth poorly and home sick. Gas man supposed to come between 12.30pm and 4.30pm. Get call to say he’s not coming but someone will call me to arrange another appointment, so I race out to get car checked. Says I need a new sleeve this time, they temporarily fix it (sounds much better!) and tell me that they will call me and let me know when it’s in. Take stuff back to Argos for refund.

Wednesday: Dentist am. Late going in, dentist butchers my teeth – gums bleeding and sore for a while. Go home and wonder why I haven’t heard from garage or Gas man. Gareth needs to go to docs, so I take him and he needs blood test so we wait until the nurse is available – there over an hour. Get him back and give him more medicine and ring gas man. Turns out they went ahead and made an appointment for Thursday between 12.30 and 4.30 again. Thanks for telling me. Rang garage, car part there I can carry on and get it fitted an hour after calling… Get there, wrong part. Will be in Thursday – tell them it will have to be Friday instead as gas man coming. Go to Blockbuster and use 2 of my free rental vouchers on Bolt and Secret Life of Bees. Watch Bolt with Gaz in the evening.

Thursday: Scrapbooking which I’ve been meaning to do all week, and watched Secret Life of Bees. Gas man turns up at 1 and condemns fire. I am livid, ring dad. Dad turns up and is also livid. Gas engineer apologises and leaves, taking my number and tells me he will ring. Rings up at 4 ish (he was here 2 hours) and tells me someone can start work on fire Saturday morning. Too late to get car fixed after I was thinking I could. Dad tells me he will come up Friday morning to prepare for the man to come and fix the fire, so I have to then hope I can get my car repair fitted in during lunch time and return the DVDs and use up my last voucher so I can at least enjoy some of my week off!

So this is what I did this morning:

Me: The abridged version
I just have to finish my journalling, print it and do the photos and I’m done 🙂 Possibly the only happy thing this week lol!

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