Journal part 2: The memories

With my swap journal, I began to include a few more relevant bits in my journals, not just random stuff I picked up along the way (although, in one of my hard back books I have a return bus ticket from at least 10 years ago – and it’s interesting to see the price difference!)

Yes, when I get upset I generally head straight to the journal and whine about my life in it – it’s free therapy and it never judges me. I like that! But I also like to put the every day life in it too 🙂 As I also carried it everywhere with me in my bag, I kept some of my favourite photos in the back (this from my swap journal)



Pictures of myself and Stewart growing up 🙂 That always cheered me up!

I’m also not an artist by any means. I really suck at drawing, but my journal was my go to place just to release some creativity (One of my Daler-Rowney journals)


I like to include happy photos:


Portraits of myself, and talking about my hobby (in this case this was about photography – before I got my DSLR):

and simple reminders to myself:

Some of the other things I have found helpful in my journals are tabs. Loving the Tabs! I can quick reference back to things – you have no idea how many times I thought about something, and thought “that was back in August 2005” or something, gone back to my journal for that time and sat flicking through the pages to get back to that date to see what it was I was looking for. These tabs are by Doodlebug, and was on their Summer cardstock stickers sheet. Doodlebug was my happy thing back then and my journal is even covered in doodlebug papers.


I also kept miniature envelopes in my journal for no other reason than to write cute notes to myself and stash them away in there to find again later, and any smaller bit of emphemera I had collected. Larger envelopes is definitely something I will do in my next journal, to keep all my bits and bobs in a nice and neat order.


Now, you may notice a very silly thing, and ask: “But Kirsty, you said you chose Daler Rowney books because they were acid free, protected your photos and I can see you even used scrapbook products in your books… so WHY can I see BIRO in your books!?” Ah yes. This is something I stupidly and completely over looked! I do in fact journal with acid free pens now. It was shocking to me, that although you can’t see it in photos, my very first journal is already yellowing. Seriously breaks my heart, and this is why I’m going all out acid free in my current journals.

Also my number 1 top tip: If you should take you journal around with you, put your address in the back of the book! Mine reads: “This journal has no monetary value but it means a lot to me, so if found please return to {address} I will gladly refund the postage.”

Tomorrow I will be sharing bits from my current journal and might have a little something for you 😉

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