New trousers & class

I’m feeling a little better today, which is such a relief. Not 100% but better.  It’s just typical that I should come down with a terrible head cold on a bank holiday weekend.

Still, this Thursday I have Cathy’s new class “Me: the abridged version” to look forward to.  I’ve kept my little tag book on me at all times, for when inspiration strikes. I do think I’m going to have to grab the dictionary for some more Z words. It does help that my scrapbooking idol and class teacher’s surname begins with Z, so that’s one less “Z” entry to worry about I suppose lol.

Tag book

Then I got sucked into the “back to school” hype. Can you believe it’s been 10 years since I left school… and 10 years since I met Gareth!  Seriously, had anyone told me that the cute guy who sat behind me in Dave’s class at college would be my future husband I’d have thought you were insane.  Anywho, while shopping in Tesco I decided I needed new trousers for work, so perused the “Back To School” section, and tried on a pair of trousers.

New trousers

and I’ve gone from 14-15 year olds to 15-16 year olds.  They’re really REALLY long on me though, and they need to be taken up. I also need some new shoes so I will get some back to school shoes (another positive thing about being so small, I get to shop in teen sections for cheaper clothes, and as my feet are so small, I get cheap shoes as well. Score) So once I get some new shoes, I know how many inches I need to take the trousers up. At least 5 inches I’m sure. I’m so short, it sucks.

The embarassing tag

The only embarassing thing is the tag inside where I can write my name and class information in. But no one can see that 🙂  And they’re Purple inside. Not pink as it may appear.

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