New t-shirt

Firstly, The images can be found here at this Crafster thread by “boo-zombie”:

I’ve done the Quileute High Protectors shirt so far, for the pricely sum of £1.47 and I’ve had the transfer paper for a while now, so I won’t count that, but the top was from Primark. It’s not 100% cotton though, so the image has cracked, and it smudged after the backing moved and I accidentally caught it with the iron… Doh!  Still, I have 2 more shirts from Matalan (£3 each) to have a go at the Forks Spartans one.

Quileute High Protectors

I’ve actually bookmarked some freezer paper on ebay, although someone has mentioned that Hobby Craft do it, so I might just check out my local HC sometime.  The best news is we’re moving to nice clean offices, within walking distance of HC. I can imagine I will spend many winter lunches there!

In the meantime, I’m about to jump in the shower and put on some new PJs.  My favourite pair (I’ve had since 2002) have got a hole in the knee. They’ll last a little longer but I have a new pair and a Nightie… I don’t do nighties lol, so want to give it a go, and some new fluffy white slippers. Then I have a Yankee Candle wax tart burning in the background.  Been a pretty good Sunday!

3 thoughts on “New t-shirt

  1. Go to the Gap Outlet at Gloucester Quays, I managed to get brilliant quality tees for a fiver – so soft and nice colours!

  2. I love new pjs. I always want to buy more when I walk by a pj section at WalMart or some other store, lol.
    Your pictures of Oliver in the last entry are soooo good. So adorable and the lighting in the pictures is amazing.

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