Firstly to start off this post, here’s a shot of Oliver I got doing his cute pouty lip thing. It was taken in low light settings with my kit lens, so I’m glad how it turned out – I imagined it would have been much more blurry!
Oliver's pout

And Taz enjoying his mini break 😀
Taz sleep

And now for the main event: Sims 3.  Now since the patch has been released it’s been a  MUCH better gaming experience. For me, I play on my laptop as it’s just easier for me and it allows my beloved Fiance to play on World of Warcraft on the main computer, and my laptop failed on CPU speed to be able to play it but I can play it fine 🙂

I started with Jamie Hart as I did in Sims 2 and immediately married him off to the first local who he met called Blair
Jamie Hart

They had two kids Avery Grace and Dylan and once Avery Grace was a young adult I moved her out to test the Story Progression 😀 She had a boyfriend and two kids, although the father of the children is questionable LOL! It doesn’t show in the family tree mode.
I continued on with Dylan who met Bella (yes, THE Bella!) at the gym and he married her, only to find out that she already had a little boy called Cary. Bella and Dylan had Connor together and as Cary was already around they didn’t have anymore kids. As Connor grew older I had a very funny time trying to get him hooked up with someone! He started off with a girl called Rayne who completely blew off all of his advances, so he started dating a girl called Lacy… Only she never came to see him – and in fact everytime he rang her to come over she would tell him to call back in so many hours or try again the next day. Now, I got annoyed so the last time she blew him off and told him to call back the next day I made Connor go to her house where she was watching TV. He proposed to her and she refused… so he went to see Rayne where she absolutely adored him! (Go figure…) So it was back to Lacy’s house where he broke up with her and things got VERY ugly… Seriously she was yelling and screaming at him to get out so he obliged!

Now at Rayne’s house there were a bunch of guys there which I assumed were her brothers… and boy was I wrong! Once married, only then did I realise that those 3 men were in fact her sons amd she was just days away from becoming an elder. Oops. So it was a race to get my heir! Then Aurora was born 🙂 She’s currently a teen and the only 2 people left in the household are Connor and Aurora as Dylan died and just 2 days later Rayne died. Dylan did really well though, he got his lifetime wish and lots of aspiration points, so on the Hart section of the graveyard, Dylan stands proud above everyone else.

Aurora Hart

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