Taz the hoodie

I’m on Networked blogs on Facebook should anyone want to follow me 🙂  http://apps.facebook.com/blognetworks/blog/kirstys_journal/  and my photography one is there too: http://apps.facebook.com/blognetworks/blog/kirsty_base_photography/  and I need people to confirm that I’m the author so please do that too after my failed attempts to confirm it myself.

My current book

My book was seriously funny. And I thought things went terribly wrong on my camping holiday the other week, nothing campared to this, and Emma and her family are nothing but persistent! LOL, I loved this. And the ending seemed very fitting too 😉


My “beach in a box” is seriously awesome. I had it on my desk at work and my boss destroyed my sandcastle – to be honest I think he just wanted to play with it and see what it was about, so squishing my sandcastle seemed the best way!

Sea Monkeys

Our sea monkeys are doing ok. Easiest pets ever.

Taz in his blue rain coat

Taz the hoodie

and isn’t Taz the cutest hoodie you’ve ever seen lol! My parents took him camping last weekend but it was a bit wet so they bought him a rain coat complete with hood.

I will have to find something to blog about that’s better than this.

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