Roller coaster

This past week has been such a roller coaster of emotions, what with Oliver being born last Saturday (Stewart’s first Fathers Day today, I’ve text him already 🙂 )  I have started on Oliver’s scrapbook already, and have asked his daddy for some photos he may have taken to put in there. So here’s the front page:

 Olivers first page

Then losing Buster on Wednesday.

The vet said himself it was odd that he had paralysis and disorientation, and although we all thought it was a stroke, it was probably more likely a brain tumour.

This is what I have made dad for father’s day…  He loved that dog to pieces. They went running together and everything, and as my dad said, undoubtedly one of the best dogs we have ever had.

Fathers Day present

I also made a Buster mini book.  I made it in less than 2 hours, the chipboard pieces were the inserts of the Maya Road album I turned into a travel binder.  2 albums for the price of one 😉

Buster minibook - Cover

You can see the rest of the album by clicking this link here: Buster Album, and going through the images you see on the right.

Taz has been getting a ton of attention.  He’s been such a good boy, he even goes for walks without his lead anymore.
Taz cuddles

and this photo breaks my heart everytime I see it. It’s Taz waiting for Buster to come home 😦

Taz waiting for Buster to come home

But Taz has some new friends – They’re my old dog slippers 🙂

Taz's new friends

and my mum will probably kill me for this, but I love it anyway – this photo best explains why I nicknamed Buster “Buster Bear”

Why Buster "bear"?

He was a big cuddly bear.  I miss him so much 😦  Dad went and donated Buster’s stuff to a dog shelter, and they were trying to get him to take a Staffie home, but mum and dad have said no more dogs. as it’s too heartbreaking and too soon besides.  I went over twice yesterday to see Taz, and dad was just wandering around with Taz in his one arm lol.  My dad has requested my Buster photos, so I have put them on my USB stick, smiling to myself knowing that I came up with a great idea for his father’s day present.

Anywho, I gotta get the last lot of washing on, vacuum the front room after all the hole punching for Buster’s album and take a shower then head on over to parents. Gareth has gone to see his dad today, but I wanted to stay with Taz.

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