bad blogger

I’ve been terrible, I know. I took photos to share on the blog but never got round to it.  Currently I’m sat in the front room while Gaz is sleeping in the bedroom. I’ve been whispering on the phone to my mum as there is still no news on the baby yet.  My sister in law’s due date was Thursday, they took her in yesterday at 11am because of high blood pressure, and the poor thing is still going. They’re checking on her at 8.30am.  I still Tweet, so check the sidebar and follow me for the best chance of any latest news 🙂  I have unlimited texts on my phone so I tweet as and when which is a lot more often than my blogging! lol!  I’m currently wondering which will arrive first – my Studio Calico kit or the baby 🙂  My kit was shipped Wednesday last week and I generally get it about 7 days later, so I suppose at the moment it could be either!

Sims has sucked me right in, I’ve started my legacy family, which is another thing I’ve been meaning to share.  Jamie Hart is back 🙂  It’s funny to be “seeing” this character again after he was my starter sim for my legacy on Sims 2.  I will share more info. I will, but once the baby is born there will be lots of cooing and photos to keep my attention for a bit before I’m back.

And as for camping – the photos I wanted to share lol! Well, we will be going to my parents (that’s me and Gareth going)  as we’re putting the tent up in my brother’s garden while he’s not there. I have to be there at 10.30, but this proves an issue – as that’s when the post comes and I don’t want to miss it in case my kit arrives. Then, this afternoon is manic as I have to get into town after nan’s house pay a bill and other boring stuff and hope that I don’t miss anything baby-wise but after that everything is hunky dory.

I can’t wait to show off some newborn photos though 😉

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