More sewing

I ended up doing the buttercup bag again 🙂

My bag :)

In my bag :)

and I made some accessories 😉


Wrist band

Ok, so I had the jelly bracelets already from my Primary School days when we all used to trade them up, and for a pack of black jellies I ended up with purple and day glow green (one is glittery) which go well with my bag 😀

This morning it was down Attwools again, this time with mum and dad. Saturday afternoon dad put the Lichfield/Kelly tent up for us, and for a few days it will do us alright but I’ve been saying for ages the living area is a bit of a push as it’s not quite what I would consider big enough should we have traditional British Summer weather and be stuck in the tent (I suppose we could head to the club house in normal circumstances, but our £1 a night deal doesn’t include entertainment passes…) Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good tent 🙂 But more of a weekender than a holiday tent.

So at Attwoolls, dad was buying some more guyline pegs but was, as it turns out, eyeing up some tents at the same time. He very nearly bought this lovely tent called the Tetbury. Only the gap at the bottom was quite horrific – there was no little flaps at the bottom to let water run away from the tent and to keep out drafts otherwise he would have bought it. Right next to that tent was my beloved Chatsworth which he really liked too – only the price was as off putting for him as it was for us.  We browsed at one in the Argos catalogue, the Lichfield Mohawk. But upon closer inspection, realised the living area wasn’t all that great as it sloped and was on a diagonal as well (but in my opinion, still better than the one he has).  Back at my parents house we browsed online, but seriously cannot find a better tent to suit than the Chatsworth… or a tent like the Tetbury but with a sewn in groundsheet.  Ugh.

Still, dad seems convinced that we’ll have a new tent to go away with, which in itself is really funny as he had told me and Gaz that we didn’t need to buy anything as he had it all already. Maybe when he put the tent up on Saturday he realised what I had been saying about the living area size? Who knows lol.

On Thurday we had a power cut.  Luckily Big Bang Theory had just finished and we were getting ready to get up and start going to bed when the TV switched off. I assumed Gaz had sat on the remote lol, but upon closer inspection the power had gone off completely. Dad gave us a wind up torch for when we go camping, so it came in handy! The bedroom was lit by 3 tealight candles, and I went outside to check on neighbours and see if their electric had gone too as the power on the other side of our cul-de-sac was still on.  Turns out my cousin 2 roads over had lost her power and the near by hotel was out too. We woke up to 3 mobile alarms, although our main alarm powered by electric still went off, dispite the fact I haven’t changed the back up batteries since I got it a good 7 years or more ago lol. It just wasn’t displaying the time, but the radio still worked and so did the alarm (note to self – change batteries!) We woke up the next morning at find the power was still out. We couldn’t use our landline either as that’s electric so everything was done by mobile, so I rang mum who came up to put freezer packs in our fridge/freezer – we had only gone shopping on Thursday evening and filled it up… We were petrified we were going to lose all that food!!

The power did come back on eventually at 11am… 13 hours after it had gone off. Yikes! Luckily everything in the fridge was fine 😀

One thought on “More sewing

  1. I love the colors of the bag!
    That’s great that everything in your fridge survived the power outage!

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