Quality time

Ahhh. quality time with the kiddos 🙂  We were lucky they were all with us but that also kinda meant there was a bit of chaos lol!  I was here there and everywhere with them.  Much treasured and very rare time with my god daughter Emily reading, a book about summer how lovely 😀

Emily reading a book with me

Lauren is getting big already too!  Here she is saying cheese to me 🙂

and her Sparkly shoes!
Lauren shows her shoes

Liam kept himself to himself for a little while, colouring in

Liam colouring in

and Morgan drew a picture

Morgan drawing

Kenzie came with his tunnel
Kenzie playing with the tunnel
Kenzie playing with the tunnel

and then soon after all the kiddos were playing!
Play tunnel

the funniest thing was Liam had to go, so Kenz had to let him have a quick go in the tunnel… and quick was the word, as soon after Liam had gone into it, Kenzie climbed in there with him lol!
Liam and Kenzie

Mum was also sat in Gramp’s chair, giving Felix lots of fuss.  Her hair is growing back now and she’s much happier now it’s not in knots.
Mum and Felix

One thought on “Quality time

  1. I looove those pictures! The lighting and colors are great!
    I can’t believe I just realized you switched your site! It looks awesome!

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