Torrential rain!

I sort of wished we didn’t take the minor detour to the sorting office to go pick up my studio calico kit. There was a thunder storm which had just started, and once I got came out of the building with my box, it was pouring.  But once at Tesco it was hailing as well.  Gareth ran off , and I opened the door and it was like drowning – I opened my mouth to call to G but I was just gargling water. The rain was coming down so much, I was completely soaked through within seconds and I couldn’t move, I couldn’t see, the rain was just coming down so heavy and so fast!  I felt like I had just jumped into a pool I was so wet.  I just couldn’t wait to get home, and once I did I just had to take everything off and stick my dressing gown on.  It was horrible!

and I will leave you this gem from bed the other night:
G: Kirsty
K: I’m sleeping
G: but Kirsty…
K: I’m sleeping
G: But can you get me a drink?
K: *fake snoring*
G: That’s not funny.

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