Introducing :)

I wonder just why I didn’t upgrade to the latest wordpress before… I’m so stuck in my ways haha.  But really though, I’ve been soooooooo busy doing website stuff, and after drooling over all of the professional photography blogs and finding out the template cost about $170 (or there abouts) I decided to heck with that I can do it myself.

And it has been very hard work, but after giving up on flash after over 5 and a half days trying to get it to work, I found a few other avenues to go down and the lovely people over at the WordPress forums, I have got some photoblog themes that can have a flash header if you download the plugin 🙂 there are 3 themes at the moment but I’m putting them up at my portal and that’s not completed yet, although the green theme is up and running at the photoblog, complete with a few pictures from yesterday in their full glory (the whole point of the photoblog 😉 ) you can check that out here:

My personal blog is up and running over at but I tried everything to transfer over this blog with all the posts and it just won’t go. Poopy. I will pretty much post an entry when I’m moving over there though.

Anyway, now for photos.  Here’s Stewart and his mural in his son’s room:

Stewart and his creation

The baby changing mat (not much longer til the little cutie makes his arrival – can’t wait to meet my nephew!)

Aww cutie baby changing mat

Baby clothes :heart:

the baby clothes

Buster soaking up the rays…

Buster soaking up the rays

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