Time to say goodbye

I’m going to have to go and wake Gareth up in a second. I need to jump in the shower and start sorting myself out. I had to get up early as I had 3 CDs for gramp’s boys, but that’s done and to be able to do those I had to sit and edit a photo of grampy’s dad in his uniform. The photo was torn and ripped, and in very bad condition. He had sent the original off to a family member as she wanted a copy, and she returned the COPIED version and kept the original. Gramp was fuming, as I would be. But I’ve tidied it up the best I could:


Me and dad went through some old photo albums and found some gems 🙂

My great nan and great gramp (My great nan Jones died 2 years ago, aged 97)

and gramp lol:

Right, I have to get moving to say goodbye to grampy.

2 thoughts on “Time to say goodbye

  1. You did a great job restoring that photo!
    The pictures I’ve seen of your gramp make him look like so much fun! I’m so sorry for your loss. I hope you and your family are doing okay.

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